SMART Generation | Smartphone potential and educational resources for young generation
ERASMUS K2 Programme 2015 Strategic | 2015-2-IT03-KA205-006146

Italy (lead partner), Spain, Belgium, Latvia, Romania

  • investigate the European youth universe and the methods of communication with smartphones
  • develop, test and transfer to different European countries - by cultural and technological background - an educational model
  • propose and encourage positive and responsible use of smartphones
  • help young people living in Europe to develop critical thinking, digital citizenship, life and work skills
  • spread a culture of collaborative learning between schools and extra - schools worlds

  • to develop an innovative training model at European level in order to promote a conscious use of the smart phone
  • its potential and its risks
  • to open a public debate on the role of digital technologies in the process of the quality of social relationships between young people and between generations

  • an analysis of the training needs of young people and teachers/educators about the smartphone
  • the testing of the pilot path through workshops of Media Education in schools and in environments outside the classroom
  • the creation of a e-learning platform open source and dissemination of these instruments through multipliers events