About us

RURAL WOMEN NATIONAL ASSOCIATION, ROMANIA, is a non profit, non-governmental organization, founded in 1997. It has 15 branches all over Romania. Our members represent a rich range of social levels: from business women to housekeepers or unemployed; from young girls to old women; from illiterate ones to university graduates, living and working in rural areas - from the most developed to isolated ones.

The mission of RWNA is to ensure equal chances with other social categories and to reach a real social protection for its members. The association encourages initiatives and entrepreneurship in valorizing local heritage.

  • to encourage rural women's initiatives and entrepreneurship
  • to support women professional integration and their economical/social independence
  • to promote local and national traditions

Latest News

Trainings for older people on how to use the smartphone organised in Rucăr
06 November 2022

During September 2022, ANFMR organized multiple trainings on how to use the smartphone for older people as part of CyberSeniors, an Erasmus +KA204-Innovation project. The trainings took place in Rucăr, Romania.


Final Transnational Meeting of the FOREST project
25 June 2022

Between the 23rd and 24th of June, I took part in the final meeting of the FOREST (Forestry Operators Reflecting on Equalizing Skills and training) project, an Erasmus+ K2 Strategic Partnership project. The project partners were from five different…


Solidarity and Community Building workshops organized in Rucăr, Romania
15 October 2021

During October 2021, multiple workshops regarding solidarity and community building were organized in Rucăr, Romania, while following the safety procedures. The workshops were held at the "Victor Slăvescu" High School, at the Local Administration…