RECOV | REthinking Collaborative Values for public services
Europe for Citizens Programme | 2017-3636/001-001

North Macedonia (lead partner), France, Italy, Slovenia, Portugal, Serbia, Albania, Latvia, Romania


To create a network of towns eager to work together on exchanging common problems. It deals with the problem of lacking communication and dialogue between governments and citizens fuelling mistrust and passiveness of civil society.

General Objective

Creating local networks capable of working together on the improvement of local governance through dialogue and participation, contributing to more inclusive and democratic society.

Specific Objectives
  • to foster the exchange of best practices of local cooperation as well as to share solutions contributing to the establishment of learning networks on European level
  • capacity building activities, discussions on EU contribution to local policies and initiatives as well as ways and tools for their improvement contribute to fostering European citizenship and improving conditions and democratic participation at Union level.
  • to launch platforms for local dialogue between LAs, citizens and stakeholder.
  • to raise awareness on EU policies in relation to those societal challenges as well as on mechanisms for addressing them both at local and European level.
  • to create opportunities for learning and sharing new solutions: particularly ICT technologies can be employed providing new tools for citizen participation and initiative.

International events, run by the 10 European partners, deal with:
  • Open-government: principles, methods and ICT open source tools" focused on ICT tools for open government
  • Collaborative public services" focuses in particular on the building and managing of public co-working spaces and co-housing
  • Innovative and sustainable financial instruments for local governments" focuses on EU rules and mechanisms and on new sustainable financial instruments for PAs in response to the economic crisis
  • Participation & Collaborative values as a way to innovation and local development" focuses on collaborative values and rules to boost solidarity and innovation in local communities and on active citizenship (best practices, tools, methods and EU funds to sustain the participative process

At local level, there are organised three paths on:
  • How ICT could enforce Open-government?
  • Collaborative public services
  • Local innovative financial instruments