FEMME | Fostering the Exchange of practices to empower mumpreneurship
Erasmus K2 | 2017-I-PT0I-KA204-035777

Portugal (coordinator), Bulgaria, Hungary, Spain, Greece, United Kingdom, Italy, Romania

  • to empower trainers/adult educators on mumpreneurship
  • to empower mumpreneurs
  • to know the state of the art of mumpreneurship in the partnership countries
  • to exchange best practices on mumpreneurship initiatives
  • to dissiminate mumpreneurship by establishing the basis for an European Network on Mumpreneurship
  • to ensure economical/social gender equality

Target Group

In FEMME project we find a priority to involve incubators/trainers/adult educators on entrepreneurship to extend their competences for Mumpreneurship and provide a better and suitable service for Mumpreneurs leading them to create jobs on a start-up environment.

  • Report on the state-of-the-art of European Mumpreneurship
  • Guide on European best practices on Mumpreneurship
  • Guide with experiences/recommendations for Trainers/Adult Educators on Mumpreneurship initiatives
  • Guide for Mumpreneurs
  • Leaflets, Web and facebook page