Trainings for older people on how to use the smartphone organised in Rucăr
06 November 2022

During September 2022, ANFMR organized multiple trainings on how to use the smartphone for older people as part of CyberSeniors, an Erasmus +KA204-Innovation project. The trainings took place in Rucăr, Romania.


Final Transnational Meeting of the FOREST project
25 June 2022

Between the 23rd and 24th of June, I took part in the final meeting of the FOREST (Forestry Operators Reflecting on Equalizing Skills and training) project, an Erasmus+ K2 Strategic Partnership project. The project partners were from five different…


Solidarity and Community Building workshops organized in Rucăr, Romania
15 October 2021

During October 2021, multiple workshops regarding solidarity and community building were organized in Rucăr, Romania, while following the safety procedures. The workshops were held at the "Victor Slăvescu" High School, at the Local Administration…


Solidarity Labs
16 April 2021

On the 15th of April, ANFMR took part in an online training called Solidarity Labs, as part of a new Europe for Citizens Programme project called valUE - Solidarity Matters in a Leading EU, which involves partners from 8 different countries: Belgium…


Demining of forest in Croatia
15 December 2020

In 2021 Croatia is still dealing with mines and other explosive remnants from the 1991-1996 war, and these still affect the safety of the local population. Since the war in the 1990s, Croatia has had a large number of km2 contaminated by mines and…


Curiosity from Romania in the forestry sector
16 November 2020

In the last weeks, the project partner of FOREST, Rural Women National Association, has organised different meetings at the Technological High School, in Rucar, Arges country, with the particular focus to analyse the state of art of forestry workers…


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12 November 2020

The partners of the Forest project (Forestry Operators, Reflecting on Equalising Skills and Training), co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. We have just started our collective journey to foster the skills and competencies of…


The First Best Practice, provided by the Lead Partner
15 October 2020

Rubric sharing good practices - Forest project We are glad to announce our "Rubric Sharing is Caring" launched within the Forest project! The partners of the Forest project, in particular Veneto Agricoltura, Croatian Wood Cluster, Slovenian Center of…


2nd Transnational Meeting
01 October 2020

16th-17th September 2020, questions, answers, and parallels between at Forest Training Center Pichl, Austria The 1st-day agenda dealt with requirements and standards for forestry workers in Austria. The presentations were followed by questions…