The First Best Practice, provided by the Lead Partner
October 15 2020

Rubric sharing good practices - Forest project

We are glad to announce our "Rubric Sharing is Caring" launched within the Forest project!

The partners of the Forest project, in particular Veneto Agricoltura, Croatian Wood Cluster, Slovenian Center of Biotechnics and tourism, Forestry training center of Pichl of Landeskammer for land and forestry in Steiermark and the Rumanian Rural Women National Association are going to share the best practices, one a month, in the forestry sector. The target of the project is aiming to define a common harmonization strategy for training systems and for the mutual recognition of competencies, as well as to foster innovation and the introduction of sustainable tools. This initiative is considered essential by Forest partners because it gives the real possibility to each partner to share not only with foreigners but also with interested people the level of professionalism and competitiveness of forest workers and to promote the exchange of good practices and techniques with the European countries. Let's start with the lead partner Veneto Agricoltura describing an interesting initiative in which it is actively involved: the For.Italy project and the simulation of the working place in the Forestry center.

1st Best practice – Forest

Towards the building of National skills for Foresters

The project For.Italy has launched the first national event in Calabria (Serra San Bruno) at the beginning of October 2020 in order to homogenise the training offer and the skills of forestry workers throughout the territory. Taking in consideration the knowledge and positive acts coming from the most experienced Italian regions as Piemonte, Calabria, Basilicata, Liguria, Lombardia and Veneto in the forestry sector, the For.Italy could reach all the targets thanks also to the approval of Italian Legislative Decree n. 38/2018 which provides criteria for equal training courses and skills for foresters.

As For.Italy project, it is important to underline that the Forest project is born to overcome different challenges, in particular it has the objective to enhance professional growth in the forestry field, adapting it to today's needs and making it ready for demands of the future for national and international socio-economic changes, for the new environmental challenges and for the fight against climate change that we face.

Indeed, Veneto agricoltura, lead partner o f the Forest project, has an important role in the For.Italy implementation, realizing a simulation of the working place at the Forestry center of Veneto Agriculture in Pian Cansiglio. The construction site is in line with the main scope of the Forest targets, in particular it aims to introduce the necessary skills of forestry workers, to make known the forestry training through a practical workshop in the building site and to raise awareness of public entities, technicians and supervisory bodies regarding forests. The simulation of the working place is composed of two parties: the first had a theoretical session finalised to analyse the National and European framework, the professional roles involved in the forestry sector and to enhance the human resources in this department and the necessary training to overcome the gap between Italian regions. The second session had a practical approach where the participants had the possibility to know better the profession of the forestry workers and to take part in the workshop in relation to the safety regulations and innovative standards of working in the experimental forest. The Forest project will give a concrete contribution to activities implementation of For.Italy project because it represents a good and real occasion for Italy to build the skills and enhance the professional growth of the foresters without any differences between regional and national requirements.

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