at regional, national, European level, as member of:

> Initiator of the Romanian-Swedish partnership "Women Resources Centres" | 2016
> Romanian delegate at European Rural Parliament | 2015
> Association for Local Democracy Agencies | 2015
> Women of Europe for a Common Future | 2014
> Local Action Group "Muscelean and European" | 2010
> National Association for Rural Ecological and Cultural Tourism | 2008
> Monitoring Commeetee for Rural Development National Plan | 2007-2013
> Coordonation National Commeetee for Rural Development National Network | 2007

Valorizing Women's Competences

> Aware campaigns on rural women’s role in local communities:
  • founding member of Local Action Group "Muscelean and European"
  • local project "Green Week"
> Humanitarian campaign "A Romanian in need is a friend, indeed"
    > Handicrafts workshops and fairs
      > Cultural events:
      • "The Cheese Story"
      • "Nedeea Musceleana"

      Professional Training Via Posdru Programme
      local partners in:

      Beneficiary: CCIR-ADAF Romania
      Local Partner: RWNA
      • rural women’s entrepreneurial abilities development
      • private initiatives support in Arges county rural areas
      • 20 rural women training in business plan drafting